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Socks for Elephants Campaign

Training Tracker is a values-based organization: We treat our staff like family, our customers like friends, and our vendors like neighbors.

Additionally, we strive to create a broader positive ripple effect on the world we live in by partnering with mission driven and non-profit organizations to strengthen our communities. CEO Jenifer Remsik enjoys volunteering her time as a coach to Doyenne, an organization that strives to create an inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem for women of all backgrounds.

But why stop there? Training Tracker of talks about keeing data safe, so when Jen, a self-proclaimed animal lover, sought to support an organization that also focused on safetly, her natural inclination was to see how she could help save endangered animals. That's why!

Mock-up of the sock on offer
Illustration of Tilly The Elephant

Why elephants?

Perhaps you've seen our mascot, Tilly the Elephant!

When we were choosing a mascot, we wanted an animal that was a great tracker (It's in our name, after all). With their keen sense of smell, elephants can track down a water source up to 12 miles away, and they're said to have great memories. So, it was a perfect fit.

Elephants are thought to promote spiritual well-being in our daily lives, and Training Tracker strives to make your life easier when it comes to tracking training requirements and preparing for audits.

Elephants are strong and nuturing; they are loyal to their family and determined and protective. Training Tracker Users are also strong and nuturing as they show how their company cares about its employees with a safe working environment. Users are loyal to their work-family and are determined to be compliant and protective because they want their coworkers to be safe.

Just like we are working to have a safe work environment, Training Tracker wants a safe living environment for elephants with no poachers.

We are selling a specially designed sock, and the proceeds will go to the WWF.

Elephants roam in the savannas of Africa and the forests of Asia, but, their population has steadily declined over the last century (90%). Wildlife conservation groups monitor their endangered status across the globe. These gentle giants are keystone species because they help distribute seeds, and clear forests to create room for new growth and other habitats to thrive.

Why WWF?

WWF is the world's leading independent conservation organization. Its mission is to create a world where people and wildlife can thrive together. They are determined to stop nature's destruction and help it recover.

Training Tracker is stepping up to help.

Purchase your socks today for $30 (shipping and handling included)